A Selection from the Collection
:mentalKLINIK Double Cherry, 2011

Aluminum cast, high gloss spray paint finish
117 x 72 x 170 cm
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection


:mentalKLINIK was formed in 1998 by Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir. Appropriating many different elements from the sensory fabric of life, :mentalKLINIK examines the reality of the modern world through sound, action, objects and text. Pushing the boundaries of conventional art production with their interdisciplinary practice, the duo reinterprets our consumption and production habits while problematizing clichés and the ways in which they are preserved. By removing materials from their usual contexts, :mentalKLINIK creates a new aesthetic experience within the exhibition space that is transient, alien, and a little uncanny. Functional surfaces reflect layers and light, rather than engaging with their environment. The muted glamour of the bright, immaculate surfaces of common industrial materials is presented with a minimal, conceptual attitude. :mentalKLINIK creates a twenty-first century aesthetic in which traces of excess and anxiety are joined in a productive dialogue with the pared down methodology of minimalism.

"Double Cherry" represents a three-dimensional,high-tech self-portrait of the close-knit duo,
locked to each other by their practice of intellectual production.