New Paths- Brand New Films from Germany


13 - 23 June 2013

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Istanbul Modern Cinema, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Istanbul, presents a selection of Brand New Films from Germany for the fifth time. Now become traditional, the screening program includes prominent German films of the year having won awards in various international festivals. The program is curated by director of the Goethe-Institut Istanbul Claudia Hahn-Raabe, Istanbul Modern Film Programs Coordinator Müge Turan, film critic Engin Ertan, and Film Projects Coordinator at the Goethe-Institut Istanbul Fügen Uğur. The title for this year’s program is “New Paths”. Films in the selection bring to the screen very differentstories in which the characters turn over a new leaf in their lives, attempt a new beginning, or try to look at things from a new perspective. The program includes films such as, “Free Fall” which is considered to be “Germany’s Brokeback Mountain”, “Hannah Arendt” in which Barbara Sukowa delivers a stunning performance. The program also includes two music documentaries: “We Are Modeselektor” a documentary about one of the best electronic music groups of our time Modelesektor who will also have a liveperformance in Istanbul on June 9th along with the music mockumentary “Fraktus” which includes Fatih Akın among its producers.

There will be two additional film screenings on Thursday, June 27th:

17:00 Gerhard Richter Paintings

19:00 Hannah Arendt


Hannah Arendt, 2012

Germany, 35mm, Color, 113’, German/ English

Director:Margarethe von Trotta

Cast:Barbara Sukowa, Axel Milberg, Janet McTeer, Julia Jentsch, Ulrich Noethen

Adolf Eichmann, one of the major organizers of the Holocaust, stands trial in Jerusalem in 1960. Renowned philosopher and writer Hannah Arendt watches the trial to report it for the New Yorker. Though she expected a monster, all she sees is a mediocre bureaucrat. Her theory of “the banality of evil,” which she puts forth in her article on the trial, provokes a scandal. Teaming up for the sixth time with her favorite actress Barbara Sukowa, renowned director Margarethe von Trotta presents passages from the life of Hannah Arendt, one of the major thinkers of the last century. Winning Sukowa the Lola award for Best Actress, “Hannah Arendt” was also one of the most acclaimed films of the Istanbul Film Festival this year.


Free Fall (Freier Fall), 2013

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 100’, German

Director:Stephan Lacant

Cast:Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt, Katharina Schuttler, Maren Kroymann

Marc is an up-and-coming young police officer. He has chosen his father’s profession and always fulfilled his family’s expectations. Together with his pregnant girlfriend they move near his parents’ home in the country. But after what he goes through with his colleague Kay, his roommate during a training course, his private life starts to crumble. While Marc cannot help reciprocating Kay’s emotional and sexual advances, neither can he give up his girlfriend Bettina and the conformism of the middle class. “Free Fall” was the opening film in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section at the Berlin International Film Festival this year and was critically acclaimed. While critics noted the film’s success in drawing attention to the homophobia that exists in a small town and in the police force, “Free Fall” was also compared to “Brokeback Mountain.” No doubt Stephen Lacant’s greatest asset are lead actors Hanno Koffler ve Max Riemelt. These two popular actors in recent German cinema portray to perfection the passion between their characters.


My Beautiful Country (Die Brücke am Ibar), 2012

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 88’, Serbian/ Croatian

Director:Michaela Kezele

Cast:Zrinka Cvitešić, Mišel Matičević, Andrija Nikčević, Miloš Mesarović

Kosovo 1999… While the war between Serbians and Albanians rages, Danica lives in poverty with her two sons Vlado and Danilo in a neighborhood mostly inhabited by Serbs. The father of her sons has been killed by Albanians. Since that day Danilo has not spoken a single word. Vlado keeps running away from school and avoids contact with others. Despite all these circumstances and events the family strives to lead a normal life. But one day a seriously injured soldier knocks on their door. Ramiz is a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army and is running from the Serbian militia. He seeks shelter in Danica’s home. Though she is aware that she will be putting her children’s and her own life in danger Danica accepts to hide Ramiz. Screened at the Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival in Ankara last month, “My Beautiful Country” won the Best Film and Audience Awards at the Film Festival Turkey/Germany in Nuremberg.


Fraktus (Fraktus – Das letzte Kapitel der Musikgeschichte), 2012

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 92’, German/ English/ Spanish

Director:Lars Jessen

Cast:Devid Striesow, Heinz Strunk, Rocko Schamoni, Jacques Palminger

Directed by Lars Jessen, “Fraktus” draws on Rob Reiner’s famous mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” and is on its way to becoming a cult movie itself. Have you ever heard of the German band Fraktus formed in the early 80s? Probably not. But from Westbam to Scooter, and from Blixa Bargeld to Dieter Meier, many famous musicians point to the importance of Fraktus. According to some music critics, withoutthis avant-garde electro-pop band, techno would never have seen the light of day … But because of a fire that broke out during a gig and conflicts within the band Fraktus broke upand was soon forgotten… Yet their not-so-successful music manager Roger Dettner is determined to earn them back their former reputation. Accompanied by a film crew he tracks down the band members and tries to persuade them to get back together. A digitally remastered best-of album of the band’s “old recordings” released when the film first came out, video clips “from the 80s” uploaded to YouTube, and a concert tour all contributed to turning Fraktus into a phenomenon. This music ‘documentary,’ which includes Fatih Akın among its producers, is one of this year’s most entertaining movies.


Move (Drei Zimmer/Küche/Bad), 2012

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 118’, German

Director:Dietrich Brüggemann

Cast:Jacob Matschenz, Anna Brüggemann, Robert Gwisdek, Alice Dwyer

Dietrich Brüggemann was part of our Brand New Films from Germany program two years ago with his previous film “Run If You Can.” This time he returns with his new film “Move.” The film follows eight friends in Berlin over the course of a year. Throughout the film this group of young people in their twenties is constantly moving. The moves never end because life always goes on. Relationships end, new love blossoms, jobs change, families break apart… But each time something new begins, lasting for an unknown time. According to the director: Does not life itself consist of moves from one place to another? As in “Run If You Can,” Brüggemann and his sister Anna have again worked together to write a compelling script. “Move,” which superbly grasps the world of young adults, is sure to win the heart of the audience of the same generationthanks to its dynamic tone and its music.


Forget-Me-Not (Vergiss mein nicht), 2012

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 88’, German

Director:David Sieveking

Cast:Gretel Sieveking, Malte Sieveking, David Sieveking

A few years ago young German director David Sieveking entered the spotlight with his documentary “David Wants to Fly” about David Lynch and transcendental meditation. His new film “Forget-Me-Not” looks into his own personal history and his family’s past. For a few weeks Sieveking goes back to the house where he spent his childhood to take care of his mother Gretel who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. As he documents the process with his camera he discovers that his parents are a very different couple from what he thought them to be. What he learns about his parents’ private lives also sheds light on his own past. “Forget-Me-Not” preserves an optimistic view of Alzheimer’s disease, old age, and death. Sieveking’s film was critically acclaimed in Germany, invited to many international festivals, and won awards.


Silvi, 2013

Germany, Blu-ray, Color, 97’, German

Director:Nico Sommer

47-year-old Silvi is unexpectedly deserted by her husband. Suddenly her life is torn apart. She decides make a fresh start, but how will she do it? Driven by curiosity, longing, helplessness, and naiveté, as well as a good amount of daring, she seeks ways to make new friends. Internet dating services may be a solution but Silvi often chances upon one-night stands and sexual fantasies she is not accustomed to. Director Sommer depicts in a documentary-like fashion her middle-aged female protagonist’s rediscovery of sexuality. Screened in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section at the Berlin International Film Festival this year, “Silvi” is especially notable for the cast’s natural performance and the film’s humorous style.


 You Drive Me Crazy, 2012

Germany, France, Blu-ray, Color, 84’, English / German / Hindi / Japanese / Korean

Director:Andrea Thiele

Culture clash has always been one of the favorite themes of cinema, and especially of comedy. This very entertaining documentary by Andrea Thiele is also about culture clash. Jake is an American living in Tokyo, Mirela a German living in Mumbai, and Hye-Won a South Korean living in Munich… All three are facing the same problem: Their own country’s driver’s license is not valid in the country where they have the decided to start a new life. In other words, they have to take the driving test again. Adapting to the rules of their new country turns out to be harder than expected. Thiele’s film was selected for the programs at the DOK Leipzig and SXSW festivals and earned critical acclaim.



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