Festival O3

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Istanbul Modern Cinema has prepared a short film marathon entitled Festival O³, merging three major short film festivals on a single day. With the “best of” selection from the Ottawa Animation Festival, which brought together the most talked about award-winning animations of 2013, and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the oldest short film festival in the world, the best shorts of 2013 will be screened in two colorful programs with scopes ranging from Sweden to Romania, from documentary to animation, and from narrative to experimental film. The third program, Oscar Shorts, is a selection bringing together short films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards and also features Helium, the film by Danish director Anders Walter which won the “Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film” at the 86th Academy Awards this year.


Oberhausen on Tour (13.00, 15.00)
One of the most prestigious short film events in the world, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has been continuing for over 50 years. Its “on Tour” program will be on view within the scope of Festival O³. Having hosted the first films of filmmakers such as Roman Polanski and George Lucas, the festival’s world tour program will visit 19 countries and 50 major cities, including Istanbul.

International Competition (13:00): Each year the international competition receives around 5,000 entries from over 90 countries. A selection of these films will be screened in this section of the program, including Buffalo Death Mask, which won this year’s International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI Prize).

German Competition (15.00)
World-renowned directors such as Doris Dörrie, Harun Farocki, and Werner Herzog are among names to have entered this competition in the past. This year’s selection includes a film about an exorcism ritual in a hotel room by new media artist Bjørn Melhus, as well as many productions ranging from fiction to animation.

Best of Ottawa 2013, International Tour (17.00)
The Ottawa International Animation Festival is the largest event of its kind in North America and takes place every September in Ottawa, Canada, with the participation of many world-renowned animation filmmakers. Istanbul Modern Cinema now hosts the selection “Best of Ottawa 2013,” which includes the winners of the festival’s official competition and crowd favorites.

Oscar Shorts: Live Action (19.00)
The program “Oscar Nominated Short Films” has been bringing Academy Award nominated shorts to theaters since 2006. This year the program tours the USA and Canada, and will also be on view at Istanbul Modern Cinema. The selection features Oscar nominated Live Action Shorts, including this year’s winner, Helium, by Danish director Anders Walter. The film tells the story of a dying boy who reconnects with life thanks to the warm friendship that develops between him and the hospital janitor.


Ottawa’nın En İyileri 2013: Uluslararası Tur | Best of Ottawa 2013: International Tour

Youkosobokudesu Selection ‘Na Nı Nu Ne No No’ | Manabu Himeda|  Japan, 2013 | 3’

Oh Willy... | Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels | Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, 2012 | 17’

Wind | Robert Loebel | Haw Hamburg | Germany, 2013 | 4’

Plug & Play| Michael Frei | Hochschule Luzern | Switzerland, 2012  | 6’

Virtuoso Virtual | Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann | Germany, 2013  | 7’

Palmipédarum | Jérémy Clapin |  France, 2012  | 10’

Two Weeks - Two Minutes | Judith Poirier | Canada, 2013 | 3’

Ohayo Carotene | Saki Iyori | Japan, 2012 | 3’

Lonely Bones | Rosto | France & The Netherlands, 2013 | 10’

Bless You David | Barlow-Krelina | Canada, 2013 | 3’

But Milk Is Important | Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen & Anna Mantzaris | Norway, 2012 | 10:38


Oberhausen Dünya Turunda: Almanya Yarışması | Oberhausen On Tour: German Competition 

Wildness Wildnis | Helena Wittmann | Germany, 2013 | 12’

Microbrigades - Variations of a Story|Florian Zeyfang, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet | Germany, 2013 | 31’

Flight from Sunday School Flucht aus der Sonntagsschule | Saana Inari Lähteenmäki | Finland, Germany,  2013 | 5’

Sudden Destruction | Bjørn Melhus | Germany, 2012 | 4’

Hypercenter Hypozentrum | Xenia Lesniewski | Germany, 2013 | 15’

Living in Space Kui ma olin kosmonaut|Katre Haav  | Germany,  2013 | 12’

Oberhausen Dünya Turunda: Uluslararası Yarışma | Oberhausen On Tour: International Competition

Biografi | Magnus Bärtås | Sweden, 2012 | 21’

Dad's Stick | John Smith | UK, 2012 | 5’

Diary #2 |Adina Pintilie | Romania, 2013 |16’

Buffalo Death Mask | Mike Hoolboom | Canada, 2013 | 23’

Ziegenort | Tomasz Popakul | Poland, 2013 | 19’


Oscar’dan Kısalar: Canlı Çekim | Oscar Shorts: Live Action

Do I Have To Take Care of Everything? Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa? | Selma Vilhunen | Finland, 2013 | 7’

Helium Anders Walter | Denmark, 2013 | 23’

Just Before Losing EverythingAvant que de tout perdre | Xavier Legrand | France,  2013 | 30’

That Wasn't MeAquel no era yo | Esteban Crespo | Spain, 2013 | 24’

The Voorman Problem | Mark Gill | UK, 2013 | 13’