Onur Tükel : Absurd in Cinema


26-29 October, 2017

Istanbul Modern Cinema, hosts New York based Turkish director Onur Tükel who wrote, directed and occasionally even starred in his independent films. To this day, Onur Tükel has directed 11 feature films including Summer of Blood (2014)and Applesauce (2015), and wrote several comic books and novels. For the first time, seven of his films, including his latest film Catfight (2016) will be presented to an audience in Turkey as part of the “2nd Denizbank First Script First Film Competition” project. Painter, actor, writer and director Onur Tükel’s style have been compared to that of Woody Allen, as Tükel’s urban comedies turn a critical eye on society as much as the director himself, featuring neurotic characters, loudmouthed stories and black humor. Mostly shot guerilla style, Tükel’s autobiographic films focus on daily life, relationships between men and women, the artist in the process of creation, urban life and being a minority in the United States with a highly creative and witty attitude.


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